FMC Shipping LLC is able to purchase equipment and ship it anywhere in the world, (per your order). Our service is unequalled for quality, specifications and competitive prices. We have been active in this business for 15 years and can satisfy your requests and needs.

Check out our current inventory and if you don’t see what you need, please send us a request for your project.

We can supply transport, construction, and security equipment of all types.

Additionally we have been in the transport and export business for over 30 years, and are well acquainted with all types of needs for all types of projects.

If you are looking to export equipment, please tell us what you are looking for because we want to serve you! Our goals are to provide you with quality used trucks and trailers and construction equipment with honesty and integrity.

Having been one of the first to implement a strategic marketing force for the location and disposition of used heavy duty equipment, please contact us with your orders……………..

Our resell of equipment to export customers accomplishes two things.  For the vendor we buy the equipment from, there is a sense the equipment will not be sold to a competitor here in the U.S. Many vendors find comfort in knowing they are not creating or helping their own competition.   For the export buyer, we do not move the equipment or spend large amounts of money making the equipment appear brand new. We sell it in the same location where it is bought and in the same condition it is purchased. Our buyers find this pleasing because it often cuts down on transportation costs to the nearest port and repair costs, if needed, because labor is often less expensive in other countries.

We believe in making long term relationships. We make every effort to make sure the vendor and customer are happy with their part of the transaction. We try to be fair in all transactions and always try to represent equipment being sold in the most honest way possible. We believe this has been the reason for many repeat vendors and customers. We look forward to you contacting us to begin a future relationship if you have not done business with us before. If you are a returning customer, we thank you and appreciate your business.

Corporate contact Information

 4195 Chino Hills Pkwy., Suite 496
 Chino Hills, CA 91709

 909-208-8628 PH
 951-685-5677 FAX